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Pinda Sweda in Melbourne

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What is Pinda Sweda

Ayurveda’s Pinda Sweda treatment involves applying warm poultices containing medicated rice bolus. Together with the herb and oil active ingredients, the warmth of the poultices enhance circulation and relieve pain and stiffness. The affected body part is uniformly massaged using a linen bundle containing medicated rice as part of the treatment.

Steps in Pinda Sweda

  • 01

    Your Ayurvedic practitioner will examine your body type and current health condition to determine which herbal combination is most suitable for you.
  • 02

    Then the producer begins with hot oil massage to the affected area for a short period.
  • 03

    The massage is usually followed by a brief steam treatment that enhances blood circulation and medicine absorption in the affected area.
  • 04

    Using a muslin cloth, the practitioner forms a bolus of medicated rice.
  • 05

    Warm medicated poultices will be applied to the affected areas.
  • 06

    The average time for a therapy session is 60 minutes.

Benefits of
Pinda Sweda

– Pinda Sweda is a highly effective treatment for reducing pain and stiffness –
– It encourages lymphatic drainage and increases blood circulation –
– Pinda Sweda is also effective in reducing swelling by eliminating wastes and toxins –
– It promotes cellular regeneration by rejuvenating tissue –
– It improves muscle tone and flexibility –
– Adding shine and lustre to the skin, Pinda Sweda also enhances the quality of the skin –
– Pinda Sweda’s warmth stimulates metabolism and aids in weight loss 

Indications: (Pinda Sweda is useful in)




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