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Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage for New Moms in Melbourne

Are you a new mom? Get ready to relax, repair and build strength during this nourishing baby care. Unlock the power of Ayurvedic postnatal massage care to get back into tip-top shape!


Postnatal massage: what is it?

As a new mother, you need to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Getting an Ayurvedic postnatal massage can help a new mom to relax her mind and rejuvenate her body. It is a completely safe procedure that uses herbal oils and the healing hands of a practitioner.

Here are the steps you can expect during postnatal massage

Postnatal massage is a simple process that involves the following steps:

  • 01

    A practitioner will examine the client's health condition using a variety of techniques, including an Ayurveda pulse exam, and pick the best oils & ingredients accordingly.
  • 02

    In the next step, warm medicated oil will be applied to your entire body from neck to toes.
  • 03

    In addition to oiling, the practitioner will apply firm hand strokes and kneading, tailored to the needs of the client.
  • 04

    Local steaming or hot fomentation follows massage, according to individual needs.

Benefits of getting
Postnatal massages

– An effective postpartum massage brings physical and emotional relief by relaxing muscles, stimulating circulation, and reducing stress hormones

-The pain associated with childbirth can be relieved by a postpartum massage

-A postpartum massage can help balance your hormones

– The increased circulation and lymphatic drainage of this treatment can also facilitate the body’s ability to process excess fluids and restore balance

– Postnatal Massage is one of the most effective methods of improving sleep quality, as it reduces fatigue, promotes relaxation, and relieves stress.

– Postnatal massage may help to increase the lactation hormone prolactin, which helps to increase milk production

– This helps prevent postnatal depression by giving a sense of security and relaxation


– Postnatal massage is also useful for relieving stretch marks, since it promotes skin healing and rejuvenation


Postnatal massage is a must for any new mom – enjoy specialized treatments at VediqRoots Ayurveda Clinic to get relief from pain and soreness, as well as other advantages that come with it!


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