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Dr. Tej Shinde

Ayurveda Practitioner - VediqRoots Ayurveda Clinic


Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda (M.D. Pharmacology)


Level-1 Member of Australian Association of Ayurveda

About Tejswini (Tej)

About Practitioner: Dr. Tejaswini is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner based out of Melbourne. She has 6 years of experience working in Ayurveda practice.


  • Consultation for Ayurvedic internal/external treatments.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Treatments for joint pain/swelling, Muscle pain/stiffness/tightness; difficulty in joint movements.
  • Digestive disorders
  • Constipation, piles, fistula, bloating, acid reflux
  • Skin disorders
Experience: Dr. Tejaswini is an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Melbourne. Working in Ayurveda for 6 years has given her extensive experience in the field. As part of her academic career, she had the opportunity to work alongside Ayurveda experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of Ayurvedic medicine. After completing her master’s degree in Ayurveda, she began working as a private practitioner. In this role, she has treated patients suffering from OA, lumbar/cervical spondylitis, Spondylitis, gout, frozen shoulder, and several other musculoskeletal conditions. In her capacity as an Ayurvedic practitioner, she has vast experience with detoxification programs (Panckarkarma Treatments) along with external therapies, including Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage (Abhyang), Hot Stone Massage, Kizhi (Bundle Therapy), Nasya (Nasal Therapy), and Postnatal Sessions. Presently, Dr. Tej works as a practitioner at VediqRoots Ayurveda, Melbourne, where she provides consultations and treatments based on Ayurveda principles with her expertise.