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Why Choose Vediq Roots
Ayurveda & Panchkarma in Melbourne

VediqRoots is committed to give an authentic Ayurveda experience. Restore your mind, body and spirit with the healing hands and caring hearts at VediqRoots.
At VediqRoots, we begin each day of care with one goal in mind – to help the community through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We offer a wide range of ayurvedic services, including ayurvedic consultations, treatments, therapies and detox in Melbourne. VediqRoots ensures that you are in the safest hands, and we aim to provide services that will be effective, convenient, and affordable to everyone.

Herbal Holistic Treatments

The Ayurvedic treatment at VediqRoots focuses on the entire body and not just the affected area. We correct every factor linked to health, whether it is diet, lifestyle, or mental state.

Treat the
root cause

At VediqRoots, we focus on removing the causal factors as the most fundamental factor in Ayurvedic treatment. Thus, our treatment prevents both aggravation and reoccurrences of disorders.

Experienced Practitioner

Extensive experience in Panchakarma, or traditional five-fold Ayurvedic detox, makes us the top. VediqRoots ensures that you are in the safest hands with an experienced practitioner specialized in Detox treatment.

Personalized Care Plan

We plan a completely personalized Ayurvedic treatment to fit the healthcare requirements of each individual.

TGA Approved Medications

All the medications we use while treatments are TGA approved and completely safe.

We love our

We work to create Ayurveda awareness in the community as we know, ‘Healthier The Body Happier The Life’.


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VediqRoots Ayurvedic services

With VediqRoots’ special discounts, would allow you to receive amazing savings on multi-session Ayurveda services. So, kick start your Ayurveda journey with our effective and affordable Ayurveda services.