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What is Kativasti?

The word Kati signifies the waist region, and Vasti means the hold. In simple words, Kativasti involves pouring and retaining the medicated oil on the back with the help of a black gram dough conducted to relieve back pain caused by many reasons. In the producer, medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin and nourishes muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Steps in Kativasti

  • 01

    Your practitioner will analyse your body type and current health condition to determine the best ingredients for Kativasti.
  • 02

    Therapy begins with a short back massage and steam treatment to ensure blood circulation and better medicine absorption.
  • 03

    Using black gram paste, the practitioner will make a dough mould for the part of the body experiencing pain.
  • 04

    The dough mould is placed on the back of the patient once they are lying down on their stomachs. The edges of the dough ring are adhered to the back with a thin black gram paste that prevents it from slipping off. It's like creating an oil reservoir on the back.
  • 05

    Medicated oil containing herbs selected according to the dominant dosha is warmed and poured into a dough ring.
  • 06

    The ring helps contain the oil. As the oil penetrates and reaches the tissue, it exerts its therapeutic properties.
  • 07

    The Average duration of the therapy is 60 minutes.

Benefits of

– Kativasti relieves chronic back pain, muscle stiffness and degenerative problems –
– It is an effective Ayurveda technique to restrengthen the spine and muscles around –
– Kativasti lubricates intervertebral joint compartments and ensures pain-free
movement by increasing nerve conduction –
– It also helps to increase the mobility and flexibility of the joints in the spine –
– Kativasti promotes muscular relaxation and enhanced circulation 

Indications: (Kativasti is useful in)




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