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Ayurvedic Treatment
in Cervical spondylosis /Neck pain in Melbourne

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Cervical spondylosis

In Cervical spondylosis, the disc of the neck region gradually degenerates and becomes weak, stiff, and loses fluid. This condition typically occurs in the elderly; however, it can also affect youth.

Abnormal growth in the cervical discs or bony deterioration may lead to narrowing (stenosis) inside the spinal column, thus leading to pain and stiffness in the neck region.

Signs and Symptoms

– Major symptoms of cervical spondylosis are –
– Pain, Tingling, numbness and weakness in your arms, hands –
– Stiffness and loss of motion in the neck region –
– Pain and while moving head, shoulders, or arms –
– Experiencing grinding sound while moving the head –
– Sometimes headache –


Age is the most important cause for cervical spondylosis as the neck bones and muscles gradually degenerate as a result of ageing. However, other important causes include
Neck injury
Degenerative disorders
Autoimmune disorders

Cervical Spondylosis?
Meet Ayurveda & Let’s Find More

Ayurveda says that an increase in the Vata dosha leads to degeneration in bone health and may lead to cervical spondylosis. As old age is the phase dominated by the Vata dosha, cervical spondylosis occurs mostly in elderly people.

However, excess consumption of Vata aggravating dietary and lifestyle habits may also contribute significantly to triggering or aggravating cervical spondylosis.

How Ayurveda can help

The primary Ayurvedic treatment for cervical spondylosis focuses on strengthening the overall cervical joint. Hence, it takes a comprehensive approach which includes the following steps –

Ayurvedic Medications

For enhancing bone health and muscular flexibility in the cervical region, Ayurveda recommends the use of healing herbs like Turmeric and Ashwagandha. Herbs that strengthen the bones like Guduchi and Bala are included with pain-relieving herbs like Rasna, and Shallaki

Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda is an ayurvedic procedure that uses warm medicated rice bolus to steam the painful part of the neck after a thorough neck massage. The warmth of the medicated bolus helps to enhance blood circulation and improve the rate of medicine absorption, thus bringing an instant reduction in neck soreness and stiffness. Pinda Sweda –

  • helps to enhance blood circulation in the neck, shoulders, and arms
  • prevent spread and aggravation of pain in the surrounding regions.
  • enhances the rate of healing in the cervical joint.

Nasya: Ayurvedic Nasal Drops

According to Ayurveda, the nose is the door of the head region and Ayurvedic nasal drops can effectively counter most of the symptoms and complications of cervical spondylosis like –

  • Dizziness,
  • Tingling or numbness in your limbs,
  • Lack of coordination
  • Restricted neck movements

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle

Bone nutrition and lifestyle improvement are two crucial factors for lasting relief in the case of cervical spondylosis. Thus, we recommend a specific Ayurvedic meal plan and daily routine that

  • is personalized and practical.
  • ensures healthy nutrition for the bones and muscles
  • improves the overall rate of metabolism and accelerates healing
  • helps to reduce pain and discomfort.




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