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Whether you are planning a baby or facing any fertility issue, our Ayurvedic fertility booster is the way to start your parenthood journey!

Ayurvedic detox for fertility is a comprehensive process that focuses on revitalization and rejuvenation for both the parents.


Enhance Your Fertility

A healthy baby comes to healthy parents. That is why you must consider a natural method to detox all the toxins (pesticides, food-based additives, etc.) before a baby. In fact, an Ayurvedic detox is a place from where you should start your baby planning so that you pass only the best to your baby! 

How Ayurveda Detox can help?

Hormonal imbalance is the root cause of most fertility-related issues. And Ayurvedic detox is a natural and side-effects-free method that not only helps to enhance your fertility but also normalizes the hormone levels in the body. Thus, it nips almost all kinds of fertility problems in their buds.

A fertility booster is a completely personalized detox plan where the physician will examine your Ayurvedic body type, medical history, and current health condition. Here are two Ayurvedic fertility boosters plan to suit all your healthcare needs

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A fertility booster is a completely personalized detox plan where the physician will examine your Ayurvedic body type, medical history, and current health condition. Here are two Ayurvedic fertility boosters plan to suit all your healthcare needs –

Plan A: Purgation

Purgation, also known as Virechana, is an Ayurvedic detoxification technique that aids in the deep cleansing of the abdominal region, esp. the intestines. Intestines are the door to nutrition for our body and therefore clean intestines ensure healthier nutrition. 

Hence, with this deep cleansing therapy, you will be able to experience enhanced vitality and strength in your body. 

The following are the steps for effective purgation:

Traditionally, Ayurvedic purgation is an extensive treatment in which we first prepare the body for a comprehensive cleaning. During this procedure, you will be given Ayurvedic herbs and classical Ayurvedic medicines to aid in the improvement of digestion. 

Consumption of ghee and internal olation

To complete the second phase, you’ll need to ingest a small bit of ghee on an empty stomach every day for 4-5 days.

And with this step, you don’t need to worry about abnormal weight gain because A2 organic ghee from indigenous cows does not cause weight gain and does not trigger any dairy-related allergies in people who are sensitive to dairy products. 

According to Ayurveda, ghee is an elixir for fertility. Consumption of ghee helps to provide intense moisturization to the entire body. This moisturization aids in the removal of toxins that have accumulated beneath the deep layers of the intestines, as well as providing a complete body rejuvenation.

However, you have the option of experimenting with this step or not at this point. As a reminder, should you decide to undergo the ghee rejuvenation procedure, please follow the Ayurvedic eating regimen prescribed by the Ayurveda practitioner to avoid weight gain.

Snehan, also known as body oiling, is part of the pre-detox procedure. You will receive a thorough body massage as well as a steam treatment during this step.

The Ayurveda massage aids in fertility improvement in two ways – by releasing the toxins from the body and stimulating the reproductive system.  

Firstly, it enhances blood circulation and helps to drain all the toxins present in the body to the intestines for the final elimination. 

Secondly, it raises the general rate of metabolism, which naturally results in better digestion and appetite, resulting in better nutrition for the reproductive cells.

During this step, the physician will provide an Ayurvedic laxative to you to aid in the process. You may experience excessive bowel movements and may lose a large amount of fluid in the process. Although this is a normal aspect of the Ayurvedic detox process, most people do not experience any weakness or weariness while going through the detox process. Keep in touch with your doctor during the detoxification process, though, as this will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Purgation is the final elimination of all the toxins from the body. This is the process that ensures that your body is free from any toxins and ready for the joyful journey of parenthood.

Purgative is a powerful technique that necessitates a great deal of energy. Hence, it is important that you follow a rejuvenating food and lifestyle program following your detox treatment. 

This diet and lifestyle program will ensure that you recover healthier from the detoxification process. Hence, it is vital that you adhere to these guidelines to gain the full benefits of the detoxification process.

Plan B: Oil enema and medicated enema

Basti, also known as Ayurvedic oil enema, is one of the most significant detoxification therapies. Vata imbalance is one of the major causes most of fertility problems according to Ayurveda. And baste is the most effective manner to regain vata imbalance. 

Ayurvedic enema facilitates moisturization and nourishment of the reproductive organs. Hence, it improves the overall quality of the reproductive cells.

The following are the steps for effective purgation:

Basti is an intense Ayurvedic treatment that necessitates the preparation of the body. As a result, we have a pre-detox phase in which you will be given medication to accelerate your digestion and give you the strength you need to complete the treatment effectively.

Following a thorough cleansing of the body, your physician will deliver alternating oil and decoction enema to prepare it for the Basti procedure. 

These two steps are performed in a back-to-back fashion. As a result, both the oil enema and the decoction enema complement each other and augment the overall health benefits

The oil enema helps to provide intense nutrition to the reproductive system and eliminates the deteriorating effect of vata dosha. 

The method of oil enema is followed by the process of decoction enema. The Ayurvedic herbs used in the decoction enema helps to clean the reproductive tract and remove fertility problems. 

For example, this alternate treatment may help to reduce ovarian cysts. 

As part of the fertility booster program, we provide daily massages and steaming treatments to our clients.

It is believed that Ayurvedic massage activates the marma or important points in the body, and these vital points can enhance the overall fertility.

The process of steaming improves blood circulation, thereby ensuring better nourishment of the reproductive tissues.

Stress is a big contributing factor to infertility. However, Ayurvedic massage helps to calm both the mind and the body. It serves as an effective prevention against stress and anxiety.

Most of the fertility problems can be tracked down to unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. At Vediqroots, we will help you avoid all unhealthy food and focus on Ayurvedic fertility booster food.

The fertility booster program helps to completely rejuvenate the body. However, it is a significant metabolic shift. Therefore, it is critical that you communicate with your Ayurvedic physician daily.

A daily visit to the doctor will ensure that you receive specialized care, tailored to your specific physical needs during the fertility booster program.




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