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Let Ayurvedic detox wipe away extra fat from your body

Take control of your weight with Ayurvedic detox


What is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition where the body accumulates an excessive amount of fat due to multiple reasons. It is a serious concern because it may lead to multiple other lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, etc. Obesity control is an important part of the prevention of all lifestyles diseases.

All fat people may not be obese. If your BMI (basal metabolic rate) is above 30 and higher then you have obesity.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Obesity?

– BMI above 30 –
– Lethargy –
– Difficult in twisting, turning your body –
– Inability to perform hard manual labor –
– Frequent fatigue –
– Excessive sweating –
– Mild joint pain 

How Ayurveda detox can help?

Ayurveda helps to cure the fundamental factor behind obesity like hormonal imbalance., stress, compulsive eating, etc.

It uses a comprehensive combination of Ayurved herbs, therapies, and lifestyle changes that help an individual achieve lasting weight loss without any side effects.

Ayurvedic herbs like Guggulu, Ashwagandha, Shatavari helps to bring a natural balance in the hormones. The majority of people suffer from hypothyroidism which leads to obesity. However, Ayurvedic herbs are scientifically proven to enhance thyroid function and help to stimulate the rate
of metabolism of the body.
Another important cause of obesity is a compulsive eating disorder. Ayurved herbs like Brahmi, Jatamansi, etc. produce a deeply calming effect on the body and reduce the urge to eat frequently.

These herbs also help to reduce stress and anxiety and reduce the tendency to consume too many sweets.

Thus, Ayurveda can effectively prevent aggravation in case of obesity.

At the same time, Ayurveda is equally effective in managing and reducing obesity. Ayurvedic herbs like Guggulu helps to enhance the metabolic rate and help to burn the excess fat stored in the body.
Some Ayurvedic herbs can help to reduce hunger and appetite, thus preventing excess intake of food. Your Ayurvedic meal plan may include foods like barley and millets that are naturally dry and light. These grains have an extremely less amount of fat.

Besides, Ayurvedic treatment for obesity also includes Ayurvedic therapies like massage, Kizhi, body detox. All these therapies help to reduce the excess fat in the body.

Accelerate your weight loss journey with a
personalized Ayurvedic Detox plan

Ayurveda says that each person has a different body and unique weight loss needs. That is why, At VediqRoots, we make your Ayurvedic weight loss journey hassle-free and practical with customized care plans.

Plan A: Purgation

Purgation or Virechana is an Ayurveda detox therapy that helps to deep cleanse the intestines. If you have the major chunk of the body fats around your belly, then this is the therapy that can help to mobilize the unyielding body fat.

This is the reason most people experience an enhanced rate of weight loss in the belly region by adding purgation to their weight loss journey.

The steps of Weight Loss are as follows:
Ayurvedic purgation is a mild treatment where we first prepare the body for a deep cleanse. In this process, you will be given Ayurvedic herbs and supplements that help to improve digestion and strengthen the intestines.

In this step, you will need to consume a small amount of ghee on an every day empty stomach for 4-5 days.

This step may look a little confusing and contrary to the weight loss objective. It is normal to avoid all fatty food when you are trying to lose weight. But fear not, A2 organic ghee derived from indigenous cows does not lead to weight gain, nor does it result in any kind of dairy-related allergies. In fact, it can help to enhance the body’s metabolism and help you to trigger a higher rate of weight loss.

At the same time, ghee consumption also helps to lubricate the intestine. This intense intestinal moisturization helps to loosen the toxins hidden under the deep layers of the intestines and gives you a complete body rejuvenation as a bonus.

However, you have the choice here to experiment with this step or not. Also, if you choose to go for the ghee rejuvenation, please follow the Ayurvedic dietary regimen as advised by a practitioner

The pre-detox process includes snehan or body oiling. In this step, you will receive a rigorous body massage and steam treatment. 

The ayurvedic massage helps to lose weight in two ways – 

Firstly, it increases the overall rate of metabolism that naturally leads to weight loss. 

Secondly, it enhances blood circulation and stimulates fat metabolism, especially in the belly region. 

After the body is fully prepared to handle the purgation process, the physician will administer an Ayurvedic laxative to you. You can face frequent loose motions and may lose a significant amount of fluid. However, this is a natural part of the Ayurvedic detox process and most people do not feel any weakness or fatigue during the detox. However, you must stay in touch with your physician during the entire process of detox. 

The main step of purgation enhances the rate of fat dissolution, especially in the belly region, thighs, and hips. It also helps you to purge out the metabolic toxins and excess fluid. So, with purgation, you lose both the weight of the fatty tissue and the excess water in the body tissues. 

This is the reason purgation shows an instant result in terms of weight loss! 

Purgative is a strong procedure that requires a lot of energy. Therefore, Ayurveda recommends a rejuvenating dietary and lifestyle regimen after the detox treatment. Following this regimen will ensure that you recover to be healthier and leaner after the detox process. 

Therefore, it is critical to follow these recommendations to reap the full benefits of the detox process. 

Plan B: Medicated Oil & Herb Decoction Enema

Basti or Ayurvedic oil enema is one of the most important detox therapies that help to moisturize the abdominal cavity. This moisture also helps to intensify the fat dissolving digestive capacity and effectively channelize the release of stubborn fat from all over the body.

As Basti is the most effective treatment for the vata dosha, this treatment also helps to counter other obesity-related problems like joint pain, lethargy, and fatigue.

The steps of Weight Loss are as follows:

Basti is an extensive Ayurvedic treatment that needs preparing the body. Therefore, we have a pre-detox phase, where you will receive medication to stimulate your digestion and strength to complete the procedure.

After the body is ready for the Basti process, your physician will administer alternate oil and decoction enema. This alternate process is like walking on two legs and helps to effectively to reach your weight loss goal. 

The most important region for fat storage in the belly. The oil enema moisturizes the abdominal region and loosens the unyielding fatty tissue in the belly. It also helps to balance the vata dosha and accelerate fat digestion. 

The process of oil enema is succeeded by decoction enema. The decoction enema contains Ayurvedic herbs that help to enhance the fat metabolism in the body. It is this step that extracts the loosened fat from the body and helps to burn it.

Besides, both these processes enhance the overall rate of metabolism that utilizes the extra fat and prevents its re-deposition. 

These two steps are followed alternately. Thus, the oil enema loosens the fat, and decoction enema accelerates the fat-burning metabolism. The oil enema also makes the body ready for the harsh effect of the decoction enema and enhances its effects. 

Most of us are not able to exercise daily and this is the main cause for undesired fat deposition. However, the weight loss detox program effectively solves this problem for you. As a part of the weight loss detox, we offer daily massage and steaming treatment. 

Ayurvedic massage stimulates the marma or the vital points in the body and helps to augment the fat-burning process. It also helps to drain the excess tissue fluid from the peripheral parts of the body to the main blood circulation. 

The steaming process enhances blood circulation and you may lose a significant amount of useless water weight with every session. 

Normal exercise may make you feel tired. However, Ayurvedic massage helps to relax both the mind and the body, thus you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every session.

Our food makes our body and the excess weight also comes from it. Thus, the most effective way to lose weight is to control the food that you eat. To enable you to make the best food choices, we provide a personalized diet and lifestyle plan that will ensure effective weight loss with lasting results.

During the weight loss detox, the body undergoes a radical metabolic change. Hence, you must stay in touch with your Ayurveda physician daily. 

A daily visit to the physician will ensure that you receive personalized care according to the evolving physical developments.




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