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Nasya Therapy in Melbourne

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What is Nasya Therapy

The word “Nasya” refers to the nose. And in Ayurveda, the nose is the door to the head region. Therefore, Nasya therapy is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for almost all kinds of disorders in the head region. It involves a combination of facial massage, steam treatment and administration of Ayurvedic nasal drops.

Steps in Nasya Therapy

  • 01

    The practitioner would analyse the patient's body type and health status to determine the best oil for the Nasya treatment.
  • 02

    Using an Ayurvedic herbal warm oil practitioner will perform a gentle facial massage.
  • 03

    A mild steam treatment follows the facial massage as it helps to improve the circulation and absorption of the medicine.
  • 04

    Then the producer will be followed by gently pouring Ayurvedic nasal oil into your nostrils drop by drop.
  • 05

    You will be required to keep in the same position to facilitate oil penetration.
  • 06

    After 5 to 7 minutes, you will be advised to do lukewarm water gargling to clear the throat.
  • 07

    The average duration of Nasya therapy is 45 to 50 minutes.

Benefits of
Nasya Therapy

– The most crucial benefit of Nasya therapy is that it helps to cleanse the sinuses deeply and drain out the excess mucus from the entire facial region –
– It helps to improve the voice quality and prevents hoarseness, cough, and related throat disorders –
– It helps to soothe the nerve irritation and pain in the head region –
– Nasya therapy helps to improve oral hygiene and strengthens the gums –
– It also stimulates hair growth and may prevent premature greying and hair fall –
– Nasya therapy may help to moisturize the skin and improve skin tone –
– It also helps to promote sleep 

Indications: (Nasya Therapy is useful)




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