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Ayurvedic Treatment
in Osteoarthritis
in Melbourne

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The natural ageing process triggers a gradual deterioration of our bodies. That is why, the joints, esp. the knee joints, lose strength and flexibility with age. Also, the joints can develop pain and inflammation and this condition is called osteoarthritis. This can occur in any joint, or several joints.

Signs and Symptoms

-Joint pain & Inflammation
-Restricted motion
-Popping sounds in joints
-Joint weakness & instability


Age is the major cause of osteoarthritis. However, wrong dietary and lifestyle practices may trigger the rapid development of osteoarthritis.

Other factors like obesity, joint injuries, genetic bone deformities, and certain diseases like diabetes also lead to an early onset of osteoarthritis.

According to Ayurveda

Arthritis is known as Sandhivata in Ayurveda (sandhi – joints, vata – biophysical energy responsible for deterioration). Vitiated vata accumulates in joints, especially the knee joints, causing pain and function loss.

How Ayurveda can help

Ayurveda offers a comprehensive solution that helps to remove the causal factors and empower the body to heal itself. The major constituents of Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis are –

Ayurvedic Medications

Ayurvedic medicines consist of a safe and side effects-free combination of scientifically proven herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha, liquorice, which will help to decreases swelling, pain and stiffness moreover it will strengthen the joints.

Ayurvedic Massage/ Kizhi Therapy

Ayurvedic Massage and Kizhi are the most effective techniques for pain relief in osteoarthritis. It includes massage with warm medicated oil which is followed by application of Kizhi (Ayurvedic poultice) and local steaming if required. It produces amazing results by helping to –

  1. Relieve pain and swelling
  2. Lessen stiffness
  3. Improve range of motion
  4. Boost local blood circulation which improves healing

Ayurvedic Body Detox

Metabolic toxins hinder recovery and aggravate osteoarthritis symptoms. Ayurvedic detox flushes out all these toxins from the body which brings lasting relief.

  • Lessens the arthritis symptoms by breaking down the pathology behind the disease.
  • Purify the digestive tract which helps better absorption of medications.

Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle

We provide an Ayurvedic meal plan and daily routine that –

  • Is personalized to ensure joint nourishment.
  • Long-lasting relief
  • Helps to prevent symptom aggravation.




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