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What is Januvasti?

The word “Janu” signifies the knee, and vasti means “a compartment that holds”. Hence januvasti means the producer in which ayurvedic oils get pored and pooled on the knees for a specific duration. The therapy focuses on the knee joint and helps to relieve knee-related pain, degeneration, inflammation and other issues.

Steps in Januvasti

  • 01

    As the essential first step, your Ayurveda practitioner will examine your body type and current health condition to ascertain the best medicines/ ayurvedic oil for your januvasti therapy.
  • 02

    The practitioner will perform a brief massage on the knee using warm medicated Ayurvedic oil.
  • 03

    Steam treatment typically follows the knee massage to enhance oil absorption.
  • 04

    Your practitioner will prepare a dough ring using black gram paste around the affected knee area. This dough ring will hold the medicated oil used for januvasti.
  • 05

    Then the lukewarm medicated oil will pour into the dough ring and retain it on the knees for the required duration.
  • 06

    The average duration of the entire therapy is 60 minutes.

Benefits of

– Januvasti is instrumental in reversing the knee joint damage. It strengthens muscles,
ligaments, and bones of the joint, preventing further degeneration –
– It reduces stiffness and regains joint mobility –
– Januvasti helps to enhance the blood circulation in the knee region and promotes
lymphatic drainage, which helps to lessen the inflammation –
– Januvasti also promotes healing and rejuvenating in the knee joint by enhancing
blood circulation –
– It preserves the synovial fluid in the knee joints 

Indications (Januvasti is useful in)




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