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The name sciatica emerges from the name of a nerve called the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches down from the pelvic region to the lower limbs. Sciatica is a condition in which there is nervous hypersensitivity and pain in the sciatica nerve. This pain normally occurs when there is some abnormal pressure on the sciatica nerve.

Signs and Symptoms

– Discomfort all along the lower back to the limbs –
– Sharp pain radiating from the pelvic region to the limbs –
– Worsening of pain after sitting for a long time –
– Numbness or a feeling of tingling in the limbs 


Other most common acid reflux disease risk factors include:

Herniated discs



Frequently carrying a heavy load

Sudden shocks to the spine

Sitting for a long duration

Gradual bone deterioration because of aging

Meet Ayurveda & Let’s Find Out More

According to Ayurveda, excess acidic, heavy, and oily food consumption may lead to vitiation in the pitta dosha. This pitta dosha leads to excess acidity in the body. The stomach, the storehouse of acid in the body, creates excess acid that travels back towards the oesophagus and leads to acid reflux. Besides lifestyle factors like a sedentary life, lack of exercise and stress can aggravate the doshas and leads to severe acid reflux.

How Ayurveda can help

Ayurveda focuses on balancing the exacerbated vata dosha in the body using Ayurvedic medications, treatments, and dietary and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda provides comprehensive control over the causative variables in this way, which may provide long-term relief from sciatica pain.

To help the body eliminate pain-causing metabolic toxins, Ayurveda uses cleaning and therapeutic Ayurvedic herbs like Turmeric and Ashwagandha. Herbs like Guggulu and Rasna help to strengthen the sciatica nerve and also help by reducing edema, pain, and stiffness.

Ayurvedic Medications

Ayurvedic treatment Kati vasti involves pouring and retaining the medicated oil on the back with the help of a black gram dough. This is a really effective treatment because it –

  • Boosts blood circulation in the pelvic region.
  • By providing better nutrition to the spinal cord, it aids in faster recovery.
  • Relaxes and strengthens the spinal muscles, reduces nerve irritation, and provides immediate relief from back discomfort.

Churna pottali swedanam

With a heated herbal bolus, Churna Pottali Swedanam steams the back region, focusing on the painful areas.
This technique –

  • Improves local blood flow
  • Provides a lot of lubrication to the spine’s bones and muscles.
  • Relieves pain and loss of motion

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle

We provide an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan to nourish your complete body, particularly your nerves. As a result, the diet and lifestyle suggestions for sciatica pain alleviation –

  • Are created specifically for your body type and current health status.
  • Help to alleviate pain and discomfort
  • Enhance the spine’s flexibility and range of motion
  • Assist in avoiding symptom aggravation.




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