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Stride past the arthritis discomfort with the help of Ayurvedic Detox!

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What does Ayurveda say about arthritis?

Arthritis is a serious disease that affects people of all ages. It is, however, more prevalent among the elderly. There are many types of arthritis. However, according to Ayurveda, all arthritis has a common metabolic pattern, they all have a base in vata imbalance. The pain or discomfort usually begins in the knee joint.

Symptoms and Signs

– Inflammation and swelling of the joints
– Joint pain and a loss of range of motion
– Instability and weakening in the joints
– A cracking sound when moving the joint
– Inflammation in the body that is chronic

How Ayurveda Detox can help?

Ayurveda says that all disorders have their roots in the food and lifestyle we have and this is true for arthritis as well. The wrong food habits and lifestyle over the years result in the deposition of ama or metabolic toxins in the body. When these toxins accumulate in the joints, they can trigger different types of arthritis.

The primary management of arthritis is mainly through painkillers, but Ayurveda can help you to experience lasting relief from arthritis symptoms naturally.

Ayurvedic detox for arthritis helps in multiple dimensions. It helps to enhance

joint lubrication and helps the joint muscles to heal. This detox contains multiple ayurvedic therapies like the Ayurvedic massage and steam treatment. Ayurvedic massage and steam therapy are some of the most effective relief providers for arthritis symptoms like joint pain, swelling, and loss of movement in the joints.

Ayurvedic medicines and herbs help to enhance the overall metabolism and help to rejuvenate the joint tissues. Besides, the entire process of Ayurvedic detox for arthritis is side effects free and inspired by nature.

Experience a pain-free life with
Ayurvedic detox for Arthritis

You are a unique individual and so is your arthritis. This is the reason why we have come up with two distinct detox plans to suit your detox needs. Your Ayurveda physician may help you to choose the plan most suitable according to your body type, history of arthritis, and current health condition.

Plan A: Purgation

Purgation, also called Virechana in Ayurveda, is a detoxification treatment that assists in fully cleansing the intestines. Since digestive toxins are the fundamental reason for arthritis according to Ayurveda, purgation can be extremely beneficial for arthritis as it helps to eliminate the root cause of the disorder.

As your intestines are cleansed of all poisons through purgation, most of the arthritis symptoms vanish naturally.

The steps of Ayurvedic Arthritis detox are as follows:

Purgation is similar to an internal bath for the intestines in Ayurveda. And this process necessitates considerable strength on your part. Pre-detox is the first and critical stage in preparing your body for this powerful cleansing procedure. Throughout the pre-detox duration, you will be given Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins to aid with digestion and strengthen the intestines.

During this step, you are supposed to consume a small bit of ghee on an empty stomach for 4-5 days. This step helps to enhance the lubrication in the joints and promotes rejuvenation.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for joint health, especially the knee joints. Therefore, this procedure may appear puzzling and detrimental to your weight-loss objectives. However, in most cases, A2 organic ghee from indigenous cows will not cause weight gain or cause a dairy allergy.

Consumption of ghee contributes to intestinal lubrication. This increased intestinal moisturization promotes the discharge of poisons that have been trapped deep within the intestines. In this way, ghee aids in the collection of toxins for eventual elimination.

You, however, have the option of attempting or not doing this step. Additionally, if you choose ghee rejuvenation, be sure to follow an Ayurvedic diet as prescribed by a practitioner.

Snehan, or bodily oiling, is a necessary component of the detoxification process. This step includes a complete body massage and a steam treatment. This combination of Ayurvedic therapies offers immense pain relief benefits to people suffering from arthritis.

  • It lubricates and hydrates the joints and aids in vata dosha equilibrium.
  • It increases lymphatic drainage all over the body and speeds up the toxin release process.

Additionally, Ayurvedic massage enhances blood circulation and nutrition, particularly in the joints, thus bringing instant relief in swelling, pain, and redness in the joint region.

After the pre-detox is complete, the physician will administer an Ayurvedic laxative to you. You may have powerful and frequent bowel motions and lose a significant amount of bodily fluid in the process.

However, there is no reason to be concerned, as this is a natural part of the Ayurvedic detoxification process. Most people do not experience any weakness or exhaustion throughout this step. However, it is vital that you maintain active communication with your doctor during the detox process.

Purgation, according to Ayurveda, is the most critical therapy for balancing the pitta dosha. Because the pitta dosha controls the entire digestive process, purification naturally aids in the resolution of all digestive toxins that may lead to arthritis.

Additionally, Ayurvedic purgation produces immediate and long-lasting relief from practically most of the arthritis symptoms.

Purgative is a highly effective technique that requires a substantial amount of energy. As a result, Ayurveda recommends that detox therapy be followed with a rejuvenating diet and lifestyle plan. Adhering to this schedule will assist you with a speedy recovery after the detox procedure.

As a result, adhering to these rules is critical if you want to maximize the benefits of your detox.

Plan B: Oil Enema & Medicated Enema

Basti, or Ayurvedic enema, is a technique that provides the digestive system with significant moisturization. According to Ayurveda, the Basti, or urine bladder, is an important marma or the Ayurvedic vital point.

The Basti therapy lubricates and smooths the digestive passages. Additionally, it is the primary treatment for vata imbalance. Excess vata is the root cause of all arthritis symptoms like pain, difficulty in movement, etc. With its excellent vata balancing effect, Basti is an extremely effective treatment for all types of arthritis.

The steps of Ayurvedic Arthritis detox are as follows:

As a first step, we shall detoxify your body using Ayurvedic medications and plants. This initial step aids in the strengthening of the patient’s overall immunity and bodily strength, enabling them to tolerate the full detox operation.

The following stage is an oil and decoction enema. The oil enema helps to moisturize the digestive tract and prevents excessive dryness or irritation during the detoxification process. On the other hand, the decoction enema aids in the extraction of poisons that have been trapped in the intestines.

Thus, an alternate oil and decoction enema sequence assists in progressively extracting all metabolic poisons or ama from the intestines without causing any difficulties.

Your physician will offer Ayurvedic massage and steam treatment daily during the digestive cleanse. This combination of Ayurvedic massage and steam aids in the mobilization of toxins lodged in the intestines’ deepest layers and their movement to the surface.
The joints are the focus of Ayurvedic massage for effective pain relief in arthritis. As a result, it also stimulates the important areas in the joints that regulate joint circulation. Thus, this process assists in enhancing the blood circulation and providing enhanced nourishment to the joints, thus enabling a speedier rejuvenation and relief.

The Ayurvedic massage is performed in conjunction with steaming. The steam infused with Ayurvedic herbs aids in magnifying the impact of enhanced blood circulation. It also helps to lubricate the joints and remove stiffness.
Thus, the complementary combination of Ayurvedic massage and steam treatment aids in the natural correction of digestive difficulties.

Our system requires a break to properly cleanse itself. Therefore, it is critical that you consume only light and energy foods throughout this phase. Your physician will create a customized food and lifestyle plan to aid in the intestinal detox process. These suggestions will ensure that you get the most benefit possible from the intestinal detox. Hence, it is critical that you adhere to the Ayurveda practitioner’s food and lifestyle recommendations.

The Ayurvedic arthritis detox is a progressive and gentle process that takes time to eliminate all toxins from your digestive tract properly. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will regularly monitor your status and provide suitable therapy updates to achieve the greatest results. As a result, you must maintain daily contact with your Ayurveda practitioner.




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