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Ayurvedic Treatment
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Chronic Constipation

Due to random lifestyle and unhealthy eating, chronic constipation has become extremely common. Ayurveda can help to resolve this problem with the help of a comprehensive solution that includes Ayurvedic medicines and therapies, supplemented by a healthy diet and daily routine.

As Ayurveda helps to kindle the digestive fire, detoxes the digestive tract, and helps to correct the metabolic damage due to constipation, it brings lasting relief without side effects.

Signs and Symptoms

– Frequency of passing less than three times each week –
– Stools that are lumpy or firm –
– Constraints on bowel movements –
– A sensation of a blocked rectum –
– Chronic discomfort during the bowel movements –
– Incomplete elimination of stool and an uneasy feeling after a bowel movement –


The main cause of chronic constipation is wrong dietary and lifestyle habits like eating food items made with refined flour, drinking less amount of water, lack of exercise, etc.
Refined Flour (Pizza/Burger/Bread)
Drinking less water
Lack of exercise
Low on fibre
Bad sleep habits

Chronic Constipation?
Meet Ayurveda & Let’s Find out More

Ayurveda also agrees that dietary and lifestyle habits are the leading cause of chronic constipation. Some of the important factors that lead to chronic constipation are –

  • Eating in between the meals
  • Eating before the previous meal is properly digested
  • Excessive consumption of vata aggravating food like bread, green peas, potato chips, etc.
  • Excessive consumption of dry and cold food.
  • Vata aggravating behaviour like too much travelling, standing, walking, etc.
  • Random sleep habits

How Ayurveda can help

Ayurveda focuses on regaining the vata balance in the body by rekindling the digestive fire and moisturizing the digestive tract. It helps to detox and invigorates the entire digestive tract with a healing diet and healthy lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Medications

Ayurveda uses moisturizing and healing herbs like Haritaki, Indian gooseberry, Trivruth etc. in medicines as well as food. At the same time, it also uses oil-based therapies and medicines to reduce intestinal dryness and enhance lubrication in the alimentary canal.

Oil Enema (Basti)

Oil enema or basti is one of the most effective treatments for chronic constipation as it helps to balance the vata dosha. Besides, it provides several other instant benefits like –

  • Providing intense moisturization to the rectum and reducing dryness
  • Enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the rectum.
  • Helping the intestines to heal from within.
  • Detoxifying the rectum and removing metabolic toxins.
  • Ensuring smooth peristaltic motion.

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle

Since diet and lifestyle is the main cause of chronic constipation, we take special care to ensure that you have a healing and rejuvenating diet, a healthy lifestyle and eliminate constipation causing factors. Our diet and lifestyle plan includes meals and lifestyle recommendations that –

  • Personalized to suit your current health and lifestyle
  • Helps to regain health naturally
  • Prevents toxin formation inside the body.




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