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Experience the Best Traditional Indian Head Massage in Melbourne

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an Indian Head Massage in Melbourne to ease tension headaches, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. Experience the best today!


How Does an Indian Head Massage Work? Expert Explains

Indian head massage is also called Champ, which is the origin of the word “shampoo” in English. It is a well-known Ayurvedic procedure that helps to improve circulation in the head region and stimulate vital marma points to bring immense health benefits.

What to Expect in an Indian Head Massage Treatment?

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    In order to begin the treatment, the practitioner will perform a thorough body type analysis and take a detailed medical history. Your practitioner will then be able to choose the most appropriate Ayurvedic massage oil for you according to your needs.
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    Practitioner will then pour lukewarm Ayurvedic oil on your anterior fontanelle and will gently apply oil to the scalp. Massage will begin by using circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp conditions.
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    The practitioner may also apply extra pressure to stimulate the vital points in the head, neck, and shoulder region.
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    The average duration of Indian Head Massage is around 20 to 25 minutes.

Get Amazing Benefits from Indian Head Massage

– Indian Head Massage provides intense moisturization to the scalp skin and may help prevent itching, dryness, and infections. –
– Indian Head Massage helps promote blood circulation in the head region, improving hair growth and overall hair health. –
– It brings a deep sense of relaxation and peace. –
– The procedure also promotes memory and concentration. –

There are several indications for Indian head massage




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